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“This course has been AWESOME. It has given me a sharper picture as to how to use the TBR2 both the book, and the software. I have enjoyed many, many courses from WHN, but this one has been sort of a God send.”

Dr. Oskin’s Story & Why He Taught this Course for You!

My journey with homœopathy started as a naturopathic student when I had an injury that wouldn’t heal, and I was cured at the student clinic with a homœopathic remedy. I became fascinated with homœopathy and studied it day and night and was officially a “homœo nerd.” I finished naturopathic school and did 2 years of residency including a specialty residency with one of my greatest mentors, Stephen Messer, N.D. Then I went out into private practice.

I was passionate, excited, and ready to change the world.

Despite my amazing training and solid foundation, I struggled with cases and lost my confidence.

  • What was characteristic in a case?
  • Which rubrics should I choose to repertorize?

I began to get nervous when sitting with patients and had so much negative self talk that I wasn’t focused and present with the patient in front of me. I began to doubt whether I was good enough to be successful in practice.

Would I really be able to help anyone? Would I even be able to be good enough to sustain a viable practice and financially support myself and my soon-to-be wife?

Was it fair for me to charge for my services if I didn’t even have confidence in my ability to help my patients?

In 2013, I was at a conference and saw an amazing speaker, George Dimitriadis, who I realized was one of the greatest old-fashioned, Hahnemannian scholars of our time. That day changed the course of my Homœopathic prescribing forever. I had an epiphany that this was what was missing from my skill set that would make my homœopathic prescriptions consistent and reliable.

I went home and diligently studied everything Dimitriadis had ever published. I started putting these principles into practice and steadily started achieving consistent and reliable results in practice.

Then, the most amazing thing happened.

As I started to get better and better results, my practice naturally grew because my patients were spreading the word for me. My business grew organically because we were transforming people’s lives.
It was though this diligent recommitment to why I fell in love with Homœopathy and why I was so passionate about it that I regained my footing. I regained my sense of position and confidence in the good old-fashioned Hahnemannian Homœopathy.

As I began to get better and better results with patients I became more and more firm in my convictions about true, real Hahnemannian Homœopathy and separatED myself from the modern crap that calls itself Homœopathy, but isn’t really.

You see, before this, I could have a strong sense of real versus fad Homœopathy, but I didn’t have a solid inner core. An inner knowing based on experience that helped me instantly identify real Homœopathy that got real results from the B.S. that gets peddled by so many teachers out there.


My patients were more consistently and reliably getting better and my self-confidence returned. My practice began to grow, and I began to treat difficult cases like PANDAS and Autism. At the same time I was a professor at a naturopathic medical school and I saw how my students were benefiting from this newfound clarity.

But I was still dissatisfied.

I didn’t want this crucial information to be stuck inside my head when so many suffering people can benefit if I could help spread the word and teach more Homœopaths to use this easy and logical system of repertorization and materia medica.

I wanted to spread the word so others, like you, can achieve similar results.

You see, I spent hundreds of hours learning this method and wanted to simplify and package it in a way that was easy to digest for you so that you can quickly learn the concepts and put it into practice right away.

So, in 2015 I taught this online course live to help spread the word. We had a decent amount of people take the live course in 2015 and the reviews were great. But, I was still dissatisfied because I couldn’t get the info out to more people.

To me, Homœopathy is the best kept secret in medicine when it’s used to its fullest potential.

As more of us become experts and obtain dramatic results in our patient care, the more our communities will learn to count on us to resolve their health problems. By using the secrets I’m sharing in this series, we can all continue growing together to improve the recognition for homœopathy as the best course of action for our patient’s health concerns.

I no longer have time to teach at medical colleges because my practice is so busy and my patient care takes too much time. But the information and secrets taught in this course are so important to transforming your practice that I knew I had to get this information out to you.

The discoveries I made studying and learning this material transformed my practice and I know that you’ve got to try it because it will transform your practice and your patient’s lives.

Utilize the primary

homœopathic materia medicæ texts to apply the law of similars in practice

Utilize abstraction and

recombination of symptoms in the application of the law of similars.

Apply a consistent and

methodical homœopathic case analysis method to solve cases utilizing Bönninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook as a tool to access the primary text provings in the homœopathic materia medicæ.

Use case study examples

to see the practical application of principles presented.

What people are saying:

George Dimitriadis

“Jamie has impressed me with his continued in-depth study and understanding of the Homœopathy of Hahnemann, and its application through the unique and simply unparalleled repertorial method of Bönninghausen – his case work is both impressive and instructional – providing a clear identification of the essential elements of a case, and how they are to be combined into a case-specific form. I also enjoy Jamie’s presentation style and look forward to this series.”​


“Since I started using the TBR2 in my practice I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my results with patients. Studying with Jamie Oskin is an opportunity to integrate this invaluable tool into your practice of homeopathy. I’m absolutely confident this course will propel you to greater success with your cases.”​

Joseph Kellerstein, DC, ND

“Dr. Oskin is a rising young star on the Homœopathic horizon. He has truly dedicated himself to study of this uniquely Hahnemannian approach. We are fortunate in that he is also a gifted teacher.” ​

“Among the several courses that I have taken from WHN … this has been by far the best one!! I hope that you can arrange very soon another course with Dr. Oskin.”
Dr. Juan Carlos Gamba
“I have never been so excited about a homœopathy class! Dr Oskin is impressive as an instructor. This class is doing more than any other has to help me repertorize cases. I love it. I don’t have the software, but I do have the book, so if I have the same or close rubrics in our cases, I’m happy.”
“This course has been AWESOME. It has given me a sharper picture as to how to use the TBR2 both the book, and the software. I have enjoyed many, many courses from WHN, but this one has been sort of a God send (along with the Dimitriadis course, I might add).”
“I would just like to add my thanks for the course. I have greatly enjoyed it, I have already started to have better successes with patients and find the repertory elegant and accurate. I intend in future to use this as my main tool in repertorisation. I only wish I had been taught this methodology and approach when I first started learning homeopathy. Please do another course in the future! Many thanks again.”
“Solid, factual, evidence-based, referenced information (i.e. not “speculative” opinions).”
"Specific case histories were most helpful. It’s always fun to be challenged with cases, then to be given the remedy and results.”
“Dr. Oskin was clear, well organized, thorough and scholarly! A terrific presentation."
“This was an outstanding class. Dr. Oskin’s professional presence and the way in which he handled the course overall was top notch. He brings repertorizing to its basics so that students learn what the rubrics mean. CoLoMo to MoLoCo revolutionized my case taking. Excellent class!”
Anna Buck
“Thank you so much for such a wonderful class! Really blew my mind every week. Much gratitude to you!”
“Firstly, thank you so much for not just holding this forum, but responding in such depth and detail to our questions. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into your answers.”
“Thanks for your excellent teaching. It has helped me to get a better understanding of homeopathy. Thanks for a truly useful, inspiring course. I look forward to further study with you in some way.”
“This class is totally awesome! I feel like I am finally able to tackle a case more comfortably. I remind myself to start with the modalities–what a difference!!! I have also found it so much easier when I keep to just a few rubrics. I am asking better questions and finding that when I keep going back to “What makes it worse?” it’s giving me a place to start. This is thrilling! I’ve got 2 cases right now in which it looks like the remedy in each case is exactly what was needed. I kept thinking, “start with the modalities and not all the miscellaneous information.” So far, both patients are responding well. Yay! thank you, Dr. Oskin!”