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“Clarifying Vexation, 
A Historically Misunderstood Concept”

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Dr. Oskin’s journey with homœopathy started as ...

a naturopathic student when he had an injury that wouldn’t heal and was cured at the student clinic with a homœopathic remedy. He became fascinated with homœopathy and studied it day and night. He finished naturopathic school and did 2 years of residency including a specialty residency with one of his greatest mentors, Dr. Stephen Messer. He later went on to study the Bönninghausen reportorial method with world renown expert, George Dimitriadis.

This free training class cuts right to the chase and reveals why Kent’s translation of Bönninghausen’s German was wrong and how you can gain incredible results understanding Bönninghausen’s original rubrics. It will also reveal how you too can get incredible results once you put these easy concepts into practice

Dr. Oskin is an internationally known homœopathy educator and has helped educate hundreds of students to get better results with their patients.

People pay hundreds of dollars to learn homœopathy from Dr. Oskin. But this training reveals much of the exact same tips, tricks & tactics to you for FREE. Register now before this is taken offline in the next few days.

What people are saying:

George Dimitriadis

“Jamie has impressed me with his continued in-depth study and understanding of the Homœopathy of Hahnemann, and its application through the unique and simply unparalleled repertorial method of Bönninghausen – his case work is both impressive and instructional – providing a clear identification of the essential elements of a case, and how they are to be combined into a case-specific form. I also enjoy Jamie’s presentation style and look forward to this series.”​


“Since I started using the TBR2 in my practice I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my results with patients. Studying with Jamie Oskin is an opportunity to integrate this invaluable tool into your practice of homeopathy. I’m absolutely confident this course will propel you to greater success with your cases.”​

Joseph Kellerstein, DC, ND

“Dr. Oskin is a rising young star on the Homœopathic horizon. He has truly dedicated himself to study of this uniquely Hahnemannian approach. We are fortunate in that he is also a gifted teacher.” ​